Don’t forget the Punch!

I’m a sucker for fruit beer and anything that reminds me of my favorite time, summer. Living in Vancouver, I usually don’t get a very good summer. It’s called Raincouver for a reason. But I crave summer all year round.  From the second I saw this label I knew I had to try it.

Russell Brewery – Surrey, BC

russell Punch bowl IPA    russell Punch bowl IPA     russell Punch bowl IPA

Punch Bowl IPA

Size: 650ml
IBU: 65
ALC/VOL: 6.5%
Price: $5.95 – Port Moody Liquor Store

Punch bowl smells like fruit punch which is no surprise. It has lots of different citrus notes with a hint of melon.

The first thing you notice about this beer is that it’s bitter. Under the bitterness is a layer of fruit. It’s really cool because you can actually feel the layers if that makes sense – like that gum.

For me it has the perfect level of bitterness for an IPA. I don’t like a bitterness that attacks me so if you like that than this one might not be bitter enough for you. The fruit balances the bitterness really well, that’s how I like my IPA’s – Bitter and fruity.

Here we have the perfect patio beer, now all we need is some perfect patio weather.

Beer Scale - no words-05 Beer Scale - no words-04 Beer Scale - no words-03 Beer Scale - no words-02 5/5

Russell Naughty and Spiced Porter

I bought this beer purely for the name and the label – who doesn’t love a pin-up girl Santa?  but also I’m obsessed with anything “spiced” so if a beer has cinnamon, ginger, or nutmeg then it’s right up my alley.

Russell Brewing Company: Surrey, BC

Naughy & Spiced     Naughy & Spiced     Naughy & Spiced    Naughy & Spiced

Size: 650ml
Price: $6.50—Port Moody Liquor Store
Alc/Vol: 6.5%
IBU: 30

Naughty and spiced is one of my favourite beers of the winter so far. It tastes like Christmas in a bottle with a slight bitterness at the end. This beer is perfectly balanced with no single flavour taking over your taste buds.

Its colour is a very deep luscious brown that is full of character. When you pour the beer it looks dark and gourmet, definitely something I look for around this time of year. It smells of Nutmeg, caramel, and vanilla. It is literally a dessert in beer form; and what’s better than dessert and beer? Nothing!

Beer Scale - no words-05Beer Scale - no words-04Beer Scale - no words-03Beer Scale - no words-025/5

If you haven’t had this beer before it is a must try! So add it to your Christmas list and get ready for something that is truly amazing.