Apple Wheat Beer

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, I like to think that holds true with apple beer too. I’m no doctor but I’d say this beer is what the doctor ordered. It’s perfect for summer!

Unibroue – Quebec

   Apple Wheat ale

Ephemere Apple Wheat Ale

Size: 750ml
Price: $7.42
ALC/VOL: 5.5%

I’m not biggest apple person, but for some reason I love apple flavoured things and this beer doesn’t disappoint. From the label I expected this beer to have an insane amount of apple but the flavour was actually very subtle.

This beer is light and refreshing with the perfect hint of apple. The apple comes at the end of your sip, leaving you with a sweet green apple after taste. Lately I’ve been drinking a lot of bitter IPA’s so this is a refreshing change of pace.

I highly recommend this beer to any wheat or fruit beer lovers. If you love the bitter beers than this will not be your favourite. But I think there’s a time and a place for a Wheat beer- and that time is SUMMER.

Beer Scale - no words-05 Beer Scale - no words-04 Beer Scale - no words-03 4/5

Don’t forget the Punch!

I’m a sucker for fruit beer and anything that reminds me of my favorite time, summer. Living in Vancouver, I usually don’t get a very good summer. It’s called Raincouver for a reason. But I crave summer all year round.  From the second I saw this label I knew I had to try it.

Russell Brewery – Surrey, BC

russell Punch bowl IPA    russell Punch bowl IPA     russell Punch bowl IPA

Punch Bowl IPA

Size: 650ml
IBU: 65
ALC/VOL: 6.5%
Price: $5.95 – Port Moody Liquor Store

Punch bowl smells like fruit punch which is no surprise. It has lots of different citrus notes with a hint of melon.

The first thing you notice about this beer is that it’s bitter. Under the bitterness is a layer of fruit. It’s really cool because you can actually feel the layers if that makes sense – like that gum.

For me it has the perfect level of bitterness for an IPA. I don’t like a bitterness that attacks me so if you like that than this one might not be bitter enough for you. The fruit balances the bitterness really well, that’s how I like my IPA’s – Bitter and fruity.

Here we have the perfect patio beer, now all we need is some perfect patio weather.

Beer Scale - no words-05 Beer Scale - no words-04 Beer Scale - no words-03 Beer Scale - no words-02 5/5

A Little Sweet Heat

I know it’s been a little while, and I have been drinking beer– I just haven’t had time to write about it. School gets in the way of everything, but here’s a fun one to get back into the swing of things. This is the first beer that I love enough to give a 5/5.

Burnside Brewery– Portland Oregon

Burnside Sweet Heat   Burnside Sweet Heat

Sweet Heat

Size: 650ml
IBU: 9
Alc/Vol: 4.9
Price: $7.50 – Port Moody Liquor Store

This beer scared me, I thought it sounded way to weird to be good. I don’t like apricots, but I do like apricot beer for some reason- It  must be the beer part. I also hate spicy things; so this beer sounded like a hot mess to me. Eventually curiosity and a beautiful label got the best of me and I am so glad that it did.

It smell like sweet summer apricots. It tastes like the most fun thing I have ever tried. It starts sweet and transitions to a heat sensation. It’s a fun transition that plays with your senses. It sits at the front of your tongue. The heat of the chili is left in your mouth once the fades leaving your mouth with a slight tingle.

I would highly recommend this beer to everyone, even if you share a bottle, it’s worth a try.

Beer Scale - no words-05 Beer Scale - no words-04 Beer Scale - no words-03 Beer Scale - no words-02 5/5

Rogue Brewery & Voodoo Doughnut Collab.

Since I was just in Portland and got addicted to Voodoo Doughnuts I figured I should try this beer. Also- Its pink, and I love anything pink! The one downside to this beer is its price, it retails at about $14.

Rogue -Portland OR

Voodoo Doughnut Pretzel, Raspberry & Chocolate Ale

 Rogue Voodoo Doughnut   Rogue Voodoo Doughnut

SIZE: 750ml
PRICE: $14.50
ALC/VOL: 5.4%
IBU: 31

This beer smells a lot like the Parallel 49 Jelly doughnut beer; sweet and like raspberries.

It’s taste is a whole lot of something. It’s bitter, sweet, and salty. The primary flavour is chocolate with just a hint of raspberry. I couldn’t really taste the pretzel but it does have a slight salty flavour at the end.

The bottle recommends that you pair this beer with dessert or a doughnut. I tried it with dark chocolate pretzels and it made the beer explode with flavour. If you buy this one I would suggest you pair it with something because it makes a world of difference. Without the pairing I thought this beer was good but not amazing- with the pairing this beer was on a whole other level!

Beer Scale - no words-05 Beer Scale - no words-04 3/5

Howe Sound Super Jupiter

It’s a little early for summer beers but since the weather has been so nice that’s all I’ve been in the mood for lately.  Super Jupiter is an amazing spring/summer beer. This is only the third beer I’ve had by Howe Sound but it has inspired me to try more.

Howe Sound– Squamish BC

Super Jupiter ISA    Super Jupiter ISA

Super Jupiter Indian Session Ale

Size: 1L
Price: $9.95 – Port Moody Liquor Store
IBU: 45
Alc/Vol: 4.5%

I bought this beer purely for the label – Marketing gets me every time!

Super Jupiter smells like your average ISA Sweet Citrus, and hops but the taste is out of this world, I guess that’s why it’s called Super Jupiter.

Super Jupiter starts and ends on a bitter note with and amazing sweet citrus sandwiched in between. The citrus flavours distinctly grapefruit – it tastes like the smell of grapefruit more than the actual taste of the fruit.

I will definitely be buying this beer again and you should too! Make sure you get it while it’s available because this beauty is a spring seasonal.

Beer Scale - no words-05 Beer Scale - no words-04 Beer Scale - no words-03 4/5

Cannery Blackberry Porter

Have you ever wished you could have blackberry pie but in beer form? If you have than here is your wish come true.

Cannery Brewing – Penticton, BC

Blackberry Porter                           Blackberry Porter

Size: 650ml
Alc/Vol: 6%
IBU: 45

Everything the black berry porter by Cannery promises, it delivers. It smells like something I would love to eat. At the first pour and smell I could tell that this was going to be a big and rich beer.

The best way to describe it is one big juicy blackberry. It begins with a malty flavour and transforms into a rich blackberry pie. While this beer smells and tastes like a fatty delicious dessert, I can almost guarantee you that it has way less calories- if that’s something that you care about.

There is nothing the brew masters could do to make this beer better. While it has a big blackberry flavour it isn’t overly sweet which is something I usually complain about with darker beers.

I love this beer but porters are not my go to beer which is the only reason this beer is getting a 4 instead of a 5 on the beer rating scale

Beer Scale - no words-05 Beer Scale - no words-04 Beer Scale - no words-03 4/5

Green Leaf Pale Ale & IPA

Have you ever wanted to have a beer where LOVE is the first ingredient? Than here are some beers for you!

Green Leaf Animal Farm IPA         Green Leaf beer

I was given these beers so I’m not sure of pricing yet but when I find them I will let you know where and how much.

Green Leaf Brewery – North Vancouver, BC

Pie Hole Pale Ale

Green Leaf Pie Hole Pale ALE        Green Leaf Pie Hole Pale ALE       Green Leaf Pie Hole Pale ALE

Size: 650ml
Alc/Vol: 5.8%
IBU: 40

This beer looks and smells like summer. It has a fresh, citrus, fresh hop smell with a hint of coriander or something similar. I fell in love with this beer at first sip. It is definitely a hop forward pale ale but it is perfectly balanced with a citrus blast. The Pie Hole Pale Ale can stand on its own or you can add a slice of orange or grapefruit if you’re a fan of  fruit garnishes.

I would definitely buy this beer again.

Beer Scale - no words-05Beer Scale - no words-04  Beer Scale - no words-03 4/5

My mom, who is not a beer drinker also loved this beer and would buy it often.

Beer Scale - no words-05Beer Scale - no words-04Beer Scale - no words-034/5

Dylan- who is a fan of generic German beer said it was very nice but not something he could drink all the time- It was to fruity for him.

Beer Scale - no words-05Beer Scale - no words-043/5

Animal Farm IPA

Green Leaf Animal Farm IPA        Green Leaf Animal Farm IPA         Green Leaf Animal Farm IPA

Size: 650ml
Alc/Vol: 7.5%
IBU: 65

Animal farm smells very hoppy and bitter. It tastes just like it smells- happy with a hint of oats and it ends on a surprising sweet note. While this beer is bitter, it’s not an over powering bitterness. It is perfectly balanced and easy to drink. This is one of the best IPA’s I have tasted- I don’t like IPA’s that attack my mouth with bitterness so if that’s your thing than this might be to mild for you.

Beer Scale - no words-05Beer Scale - no words-043/5

My mom hated this beer and couldn’t finish it.


Dylan wasn’t a fan either.

Beer Scale - no words-052/5

Driftwood- Entangled Hopfenweisse

I bought this beer a while ago and I just got a chance to try it, so I’m sorry if you can’t find it anywhere. It was just such a cool beer I felt like I still had to write about it.

Driftwood – Victoria, BC

 Driftwood - Entangled.            Driftwood - Entangled.             Driftwood - Entangled

Size: 650ml
Alc/Vol: 7%

If you don’t know who Driftwood is you should get acquainted with their beers, I haven’t had one I didn’t love. The Entangled hopfenweisse is no exception.

The label was enough to make me buy this beer, in the winter when everything is dark it’s kind of nice to see something so bright and vibrant.

Entangled smells like and explosion of citrus, wheat, and tropical fruit. It smells very sweet- in a good way. This beer starts off tasting sweet and fruity and fades into a pleasant bitterness. It has hints of tropical fruit, citrus, and banana.

If you can’t afford to take a sunny vacation right now just grab one of these and picture yourself at the beach- the only thing you’ll be missing is the tan.

Beer Scale - no words-05 Beer Scale - no words-04 Beer Scale - no words-03 4/5

Bubbies Brew

Parallel 49 – Vancouver, BC

I don’t think my Bubbie would drink this brew but I had to give it a try!

       bubbies brew           bubbies brew           bubbies brew

Jelly Doughnut Beer!

Size: 650ml
Alc/Vol: 8%
IBU: 28
Price: $7.85 – Legacy Liquor Store

I was unsure about trying this beer because I’m not really a fan of jelly doughnuts but I love Parallel 49 so I figured if anyone could make me like a jelly doughnut it would be them!

Bubbies Brew is a very interesting beer – It smells like a jelly doughnut which lead me to expect a sweet and fruity beer but that’s not really what you get. This beer tastes very bitter compared to what I was expecting. It kind of reminds me of those 5 cent strawberry marshmallow candies from 7/11 that I used to love as a kid but with a harsh bitterness.

At first I didn’t like this beer but after a few sips it grew on me. I might buy this beer again but it wouldn’t be at the top of my list. If you actually like jelly doughnuts then you might like this beer more than I did.

Beer Scale - no words-05 Beer Scale - no words-04 3/5

Kasteel Rouge


Now here is a beer for all the cherry lovers out there:

Van Honsebrouck Brewery: Belgium

Kasteel Rouge                          Kasteel Rouge

Kasteel Rouge: Kasteel’s Donker beer with something extra – Cherry Liqueur!

Size: 330ml
Alc/Vol: 8%
Price: $4.50 – Port Moody Liquor Store

Just looking at this beer you would never guess that it tastes like cherries, or at least I wouldn’t have guessed that; but that’s exactly what it tastes like! It has a perfect dark cherry flavour that makes you feel as if you have just bitten into a ripe Okanagan Cherry. With a hint of sourness this beer has every note of an authentic cherry – no fake cherry medicine taste here.

Kasteel rouge sure does pack a punch. This beer may taste like summer cherries but it really hits you for such a small bottle. All in all I would recommend this beer, however one beer is enough – anymore than that would be cherry overload for me. But if your crazy about cherries this is definitely the beer for you.

Beer Scale - no words-05Beer Scale - no words-04Beer Scale - no words-034/5